The overall aim of the NanoBAK project is the implementation of an energy-efficient management and production system in the baking industry.
Industrial and academic food technologists, the manufacturer of the innovative climatic chamber as well as industrial and handcraft end-users cooperate in order to develop a novel climatic chamber with an ultrasonic based nano-aerosol humidification system, featuring the following advantages:

  • High relative humidity
  • Optimised humidity distribution
  • Optimised conductivity
  • Reduced yeast and enzyme activity in the surface
  • Less turbulences
  • Energy saving

Within the scope of the NanoBAK project, the innovative climatic chamber will be designed and built, followed by the performance of four case studies in order to evaluate the technology under realistic conditions and to obtain representative and reliable results. At the end of the project the NanoBAK technology will be ready for commercial launch.



1st Year Meeting at UNIBAKE

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7. Framework Programme

fp7-gen-rgb_smallNANOBAK is a Collaborative Action funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, specific program 'Collaborative'.