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Today´s baking industry produces a wide variety of premium products from buns, croissants, pretzels, biscuits, cakes, tarts as well as zwieback, rusk bread and crackers up to untreated or pre-baked fresh and frozen dough. The traditional bakery sector has developed to such an extent that industrial manufacturing processes and global operations are commonplace.

By means of freezing technology it is possible to expand the distribution area so that the potential market grows continuously. In addition, the energy demand for proofing chambers, ovens, cooling units, freezers and compressed air systems increases, which is mainly due to extensive process automation. Rising energy costs lead therefore to high production costs which are clearly reflected in the end-user prices of the manufactured products. Moreover, numerous additives are used for conservation purposes in order to extend the sale period significantly.
The overall aim of the NanoBAK project is therefore the implementation of an energy-efficient management and production system in the baking industry. The novel MicroTec technology will provide the production of high-quality products with prolonged shelf-life realising an optimal humidity distribution within the manufactured products. Within the scope of the NanoBAK project, an innovative climatic chamber will be designed and built using the innovative MicroTec technology.

Lab tests have already shown that the energy consumption using ultrasonic humidification saves up to 50 % of energy compared to conventional humidifiers. The aerosol-based climatic chamber will therefore pioneer energy-efficient, sustainable production in the bakery industry. At the same time the product quality increases significantly, featuring stable weight even after cooling, a consistent crust that does no chip off as well as an increased storage/shelf life.

Using the NanoBAK technology will therefore provide economical and ecological advantages to both small bakeries and industrial producers, generating competitive advantages



Technical objectives

  • Demonstration of the NanoBAK climatic chamber and especially the ultrasonic humidifier
  • Simple handling, operation and maintenance
  • Working with energy optimized equipment
  • Monitoring and recording of the energy use
  • High quality baking of all confectionary and bakery products
  • Installation of the NanoBAK technology in existing bakeries

Environmental objectives

  • Energy reduction in current bread-making processes by up to 50 %
  • Use of waste heat
  • Improved energy efficiency of bread making processes

Social and economical objectives

  • Production of high-quality confectionary and bakery products
  • Reduced capital and operation costs and therefore increased competitiveness
  • Avoidance of production rejections
  • Saving of energy and costs
  • Strengthening of bakery sector and social structures


Project facts and figures:

Project name and acronym: Novel climatic chamber with an innovative, energy-saving nano-Aerosol humidification system for the manufacture of high quality bakery products (NanoBAK).

Funding scheme: NanoBAK is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme.

Duration: 36 months

Consortium: 7 partners from 4 countries

Requested EC contribution: 1,430,403.34 €




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7. Framework Programme

fp7-gen-rgb_smallNANOBAK is a Collaborative Action funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, specific program 'Collaborative'.