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WP 1: Specification of the end-users requirements and development of case studies

In the first work package the end-user partners’ target products and corresponding production schemes were assessed and translated into case studies simulating the individual production processes and the required prototype design. These preliminary case studies will serve as basis for the demonstration field tests and will be adapted during the upcoming field tests. Based on this information, a first integrated assessment approach was performed taking into account the environmental and socio-economical impacts.


WP 2: Design and construction of the NanoBAK prototypes

Within the second work package two NanoBAK prototypes are currently designed and modelled using CAD and CFD. With this information two full-scale prototypes will be constructed and assembled. Moreover different ultrasonic equipment will be tested and the optimal ultrasonic device will be integrated in the prototypes. A first technical assessment of the prototypes will be carried out and the performance of the NanoBAK system will be optimized.


WP 3: Measurement/control system and integration of the NanoBAK system

Work package 3 has the main objective of design, simulation, development, assembly and integration of the NanoBAK control and monitoring system. This WP will receive detailed information from WP 1 with respect to case studies and end-user requirements and investigates practical implications of integrating procedure. As controllable air humidity is essential to produce premium quality bakery goods, a fully automated control system will be designed to control operational parameters in the NanoBAK system.


WP 4: Validation of the NanoBAK prototypes – technical and quality assessment

Taking into account the individual production schemes of the end-user partners, different technical and scientific factors will be validated. In a first step, the operating conditions will be adapted to the specific process requirements. Once the operating conditions are set up, the technical compounds and corresponding control systems will be revised and validated as a final control measure.


WP 5: Demonstration of the prototypes at the end-user facilities and optimization of the NanoBAK system

The demonstration and optimisation of the NanoBAK system at the end-users facilities includes the development, testing and optimization of the demonstration prototypes at the end-users’ sites, data evaluation and planning of commercial units as well as training of bread manufacturers on the NanoBAK system.


WP 6: Dissemination and exploitation of the demonstration results

This work package will comprise all dissemination-related issues concerning the NanoBAK technology. The dissemination activities include continuous communication with relevant stakeholders, presentations, publications, conferences, etc.


WP 7: Project management

In order to accomplish the general and specific objectives of this work package, the management activities have been divided in three main tasks: General project coordination, administrative management and scientific management.




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7. Framework Programme

fp7-gen-rgb_smallNANOBAK is a Collaborative Action funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, specific program 'Collaborative'.